“Play with Axis: Colgadas & Volcadas” SinglesGaia & Leandro

This workshop aims to become aware of our axis, to control it in order to be able to leave it with confidence when the movements and dance elements allow it. Additionally, we will learn what to do with the free leg while dancing off axis.
In the first part we will deal with colgadas, which are dance elements with increased distance from partner to partner, which can be danced in different positions (e.g. ochos, caminada, etc.).
In the second part we will deal with Volcadas. This involves movements in which you “tilt” off the axis, in the direction of your partner.
Both elements are best known as ‘modern’ and large dance elements, but volcadas and colgadas can also be danced beautifully as small off-axis movements, making them wonderful to dance on a crowded dance floor.
“El Tango es una posibilidad infinita” (The tango is an unlimited possibility)

1st part: technique and figures with colgadas
* Exercises to colgadas in front of each other and perpendicular
* Leave the Axis without fear
* Ochos, boleos and twists with colgadas
* Musical interpretations

2nd part: technique and figures with Volcadas
17:20 – 18:30
* Exercises on Volcadas
* Let yourself be held with confidence
* Linear and circular volcadas
* Forward and Backward Volcadas
* Combinations with ganchos

Level: from intermediate
Price workshop 45€ (50€ support /40€ reduced).
Register as a couple if possible.

We try to find partners. Restriction of participants: maximum 15 couples!

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Nou Mitte, Chausseestr. 102, 10115 Berlin
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Intermediate and higher
not required
45 €Discounts available

Please register by email to info@leandroygaia.com