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Dear students,
Gaia and Evi welcome 2024 with an ambitious series of following-technique workshops spread throughout the year. Take the opportunity to explore the role of your whole body in dancing: what exactly do the feet, the center, the arms do and how does it fit together as a whole? We look at the interplay between weight and lightness, stability and freedom and what the three levels of the body from head to toe contribute to this in movement.
The consequences build on each other, but can also be taken separately.



Here is the program:
11:00-12:15 WS part 1
All levels
12:45-14:30 WS part 2
From middle school


* January 28th
Part 1 La caminada (walking, posture)
Part 2 El abrazo (Closed and Open Hug)

* March: 17.3.
Part 1 el kruze (how to cross, different transitions into the cross and Ocho Cortado, musicality)
Part 2 forward and backward cross (exceptions, variants)

* May 5.5.
Part 1 Musicality I (Rhythm and Acceleration)
Part 2 Milonga (Be fast and stay calm)

* June 16.6.
Part 1 Giros
Part 2 Combinations with Giros: Ganchos and Sacadas

* July 13.7.
Part 1 Elasticity of the Embrace
Part 2 Colgadas

* August tba
Part 1 Pivot and Ochos
Part 2 Overturned Ochos and change of direction

* October/November tba
Part 1 Musicality II (The Melody, the Slowness and the Pause)
Part 2 Vals (between swaying and staccato)

* December x 2 (Christmas)
Part 1 Ochos & Rebotres
Part 2 Boleos

Part 1 Axis U. Balance
Part 2 Volcada



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Price: 40-50 euros based on self-assessment.

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Gaia and Evi


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