Tango Classes

Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

Martha Graham

Dance is a language and your technique is your essential vocabulary: In our classes we help you develop skills that allow you to express yourself in tango, to enjoy the connection with your partner and with the music. Both precision and emotion both help you create a beautiful connection with your dance partner.

You will learn both modern and traditional elements, how to vary their dynamics, and how to adapt them to different tango music (for both followers and leaders!). With the help of example figures, you can explore how to include and combine these elements 'in the wild' when you dance at milongas, and maybe even come up with some new combinations and embellishments.

Our tango classes take place at Nou Tango in the heart of Berlin. Just drop in and join us; no registration or membership required :-) . For the workshops, we kindly ask you to register by email.

Tango Classes