Workshop in KIEL Gaia & Leandro

2-day workshop with Gaia Pisauro and Leandro Furlan  in the Waldorf School, Kiel
D`Arienzo vs. Di Sarli
What strategies are there for dancing to the very different music of these orchestras.

These workshops should be about musicality and technique.
How do I get what I hear into the movement of the body?
With the help of short choreographies, we want to approach the character of these two orchestras through dance in the workshop.

Saturday 06/11/2022 11:30-16:00 D´Arienzo and the bar…
Sunday 06/12/2022 11:00-15:30 Tues Sarli and the melody..


Waldorfschule Eurythmiesaal 2, Hofholzallee 20, 24109 Kiel
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Intermediate and higher
Please come with a dance partner
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