Revelation Tango at Gut Frohberg SinglesGaia & Leandro

Improving the technique of Tango movements with solo and couple exercises (balancing, coordination, precision, speed) will support defining which are the essential structures necessary to dance (close – open embrace and the transition between them, parallel and cross-system, spiral movements, giros in lines- around the leader or the follower).

We also focus on improvisation skills, using elements of traditional Tango:
lapices and enrosques, ochos, forward and back crosses, sacadas, boleos, ganchos and volcadas…

This learning process is a way of finding our musicality: using elements or structures that fit to rhythm and melody, syncope, and pause.
We will listen to different orchestras, and open the research with vals and milonga.

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Intermediate and higher
not required
Kindly note:
Covid rules of Saxonia apply