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Our film on Tango and Covid19

Tango without the embrace

The 2020 pandemic has served to make social dance a taboo. If physical distancing is what is meant to protect us, it’s also what stands in the way of creative and affectionate contact with others when we dance. Our meeting places have long been closed.

In collaboration with film director Julia Matyschik we tell our stories, the stories of dancers who can’t live and share their passion for Argentine Tango anymore. We interviewed dancers from diverse backgrounds, amateurs and professionals alike, and asked them about their experiences with the current situation and how it impacts their lives. Ultimately, we aimed to portray how invaluable the world of social dance is while also on the verge of disappearing, if we won’t find solutions to current challenges to create a new future for social dances.

The film is available on Youtube.

A little bit about us

We are Gaia und Leandro and we have worked together as Argentine tango dancers, teachers and DJs since 2005. When dancing we seek an honest and authentic connection by merging traditional and contemporary as well as lyrical and dynamic tango elements for a spontaneous, improvised expression.

El tango es una posibilidad infinitaLeopoldo Marechal

Be enchanted

Enjoy the magic of tango with all your senses: We create unique show and entertainment programmes tailored to your event and venue. No matter if you would like to watch a captivating tango show, take your first tango steps with your guests, or have us organise and manage the entire event — a spectacular evening is waiting for you. And if you have not found an event venue yet, you can choose from beautiful central places at our disposal.

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