Contact us

Please take a look at our FAQ — maybe your question is already on the list. We are happy to help you with all other requests. You can reach us by phone, email and via our Facebook page.


Do I need a partner for your classes? +

Most of our beginners and intermediate classes are open to single dancers. They are marked as “singles” in our class list. If you come as a single dancer, please be prepared to change partners and roles often during class. We cannot guarantee that there is a partner of either the same or a different gender available for you but you will always have someone to practise with.

How can I book a private class with you? +

Please call us and we’ll set up a date.

How do I know when to register for Corazon marathon? +

Please subscribe to our Corazon mailing list using the form on the Corazon website and we’ll notify you.

What languages are your classes in? +

We mostly speak German in our group classes but on request also English, Spanish, French and Italian.

What happens to your milonga at Ballhaus Clärchens and to Loca! milonga? +

Loca! milonga takes place on the last Thursday every month at Tangoloft until April 2020. As for Clärchens, we keep you updated. Please subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about new developments.