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If you deeply love tango music and have dreamed of being at the turntables (or computer), here’s your chance to make it real: Maria’s DJ workshop covers all the basics from technology and organising your lists to combining songs in tandas and different dramatic structures for a milonga.

Day 1

  • Your task and goals
  • Basic technical equipment: hardware and software
  • Sequencing: Tango Tandas, Milonga und Vals, Cortinas
  • Organising your music: playlists, cortina lists, wildcard lists
  • Live pre-listening

Day 2

  • How to combine songs into tandas: orchestras, time periods, styles, instrumental tangos and those with singers
  • Tanda coherence and when to take risks
  • Dramatic structures for an evening and energy management
  • How to start and end a successful night in different situations
  • Responding to mood and atmosphere: empathy and trust with the dancers

The class is free. If possible, we ask for a small donation to our “Gofundme”-campaign in return. If you want to get updates on our next practicas taught by different teachers online, please subscribe to our newsletter.

How this works:

  • Please register by email to us
  • You will receive a Zoom-Link from us. If you click on this link, the Zoom app will download and run on your computer or mobile phone automatically. You can then choose a user name and email and log on to our class.
  • Kindly note: Every workshop has an individual Zoom link. You cannot use one for all.

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